Rescue and rehoming of Golden Retrievers in Scotland

G.R.C.S. Rescue and Re-homing is coordinated by a member of the Executive Committee.


 Mrs Louise Ogilvie

 This is a service which finds new homes for Golden Retrievers but it is only in an emergency that they are ever taken into kennels.

Normally the dog or bitch to be re-homed is checked out within two or three days of an application being received requesting a new home.

The dog will be checked in its own home by an experienced member of our club. After the report on the dog is received the co-ordinator will look through all application forms from those wanting a dog to find the person most suited to a particular dog, particularly with regard to the dog's ability to live happily with children, other dogs, cats and the new environment. All potential new owners will also be checked before being offered a dog.

The average age of Golden Retrievers looking for a new home is usually about 5 years old. Very occasionally, a younger dog comes up for re-homing and sadly, quite a few are considerably older. We are always pleased to hear from anyone prepared to offer a comfortable fireside to an old dog.

Please note that we are not a rescue centre as are the multi-breed rescue kennels. It is therefore not possible for anyone offering to rehome a dog to visit him before agreeing to the rehoming as normally all dogs stay with their original owners until they are rehomed.

Anyone interested in acquiring a rescue Golden Retriever from G.R.C.S. should first phone for an application form.